Vote November 6, 2018

Representing Residents

For over 20 years I have called Foster City home.   I pledge civility, honesty and transparency with residents. 


Take a Breather on Housing

  •  I stand with the residents of Foster City to take a breather on housing development until approved construction is completed.  We must evaluate the impact of overbuilding on traffic and infrastructure.  

Traffic Congestion

  • Explore traffic solutions for 92/101 entrance and egress out of Foster City.  
  • Partner with Metropolitan Transit, CalTrans and SamTrans to combine resources for a viable solution.

Our Schools

  • Expand and support partnerships with San Mateo-Foster City School District.  
  • Our children are our community.  
  • We must open the dialog  between our schools and our city government to benefit us all.  

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Anticipate possible levee cost overruns
  • Address aging infrastructure
  • Examine and determine future pension liabilities
  • Determine financing:  will we use city reserves or depend on taxpayers dollars?

Other Issues Facing Foster City

  • Proposed rebuild of Recreation Center
  • Upgrade of the wastewater treatment facility
  • Proposed rebuild of Costco with a gas station


“I have the will and courage to represent the residents and small businesses of Foster City.  I promise to be an advocate for residents.”  With 40 years in the financial services industry and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Finance and Business Management I bring experience to represent Foster City.   I have pledged to run my campaign according to the Code of Fair Campaign Practices, signed 8/15/18.

Interview with Andre DeVito at Podcast by the The Bay on September 6, 2018

A candid conversation with candidate Deborah Martinez on issues facing the upcoming election.

Podcast by the Bay at:


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“I believe Deborah has an excellent background to contribute in serving on the Foster City Council. Her leadership and thoughtfulness will be evident in working for the residents and Foster City.  Her slogan, “REPRESENTING RESIDENTS,” says it all.”

Phyllis Moore, former San Mateo-Foster City School District Trustee

“As Treasurer of Isle Cove HOA, Deborah has been actively involved in getting things accomplished expeditiously and with fiscal responsibility. She is a person of action and of her word. She follows through to see plans come to fruition. Deborah is diligent to do her research and present viable solutions to existing problems.”

Norma Turturici, Foster City resident for 40+ years.

“I represent residents and that is why residents support me.”

  • George Zatulovsky
  • Laura Zhu
  • Danny Gan
  • Robert Nelson
  • Eva Hess
  • Jennifer Li
  • John Lloyd, Vice President, Isle Cove HOA
  • Aurora Tolentino
  • Ernest Garay, Jr.
  • Maryann Schembri
  • Charles Daniels
  • Irene Stead
  • Ronald Hayward
  • Michael Dhanuwidjaja
  • Kannabram Viswanathan 
  • Simon Shitamoto
  • Louise Chan Won
  • Patricia Farquhar
  • Kim and Megan Lloyd 


  • Robert Berger
  • Jerry Peluffo, Past President, Isle Cove HOA
  • Victoria Deasy
  • Carol Tripp
  • Patricia Gilbert
  • Ruth Chofre
  • Beverly Saylor
  • Thomas Munro
  • Robert Schembri
  • Kevin Deasy
  • Elizabeth Hayward
  • Mike & Michelle Cabral

Partial list

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Donating to a Good Cause

I am donating my  campaign yard signs to Aragon Robotics.  Recycling  corrugated plastic  is a fantastic material to be used for building and prototyping.  Protecting Mother Nature!


Your support and contributions will enable me to represent you to the best of my ability.  Give today!  Endorse checks to:  “Deborah Martinez for City Council”  mail to 801 Juno Lane, Foster  City 94404. FPPC rules require name, address and occupation if donation is $100  or more.  If you would like a yard sign,  please contact me at

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